Premier Auto Solutions is a specialized dealer in the automobile Industry in Dubai, UAE. We offer high quality services for any sort of vehicles including SUVs and, 4x4s to vans, trucks and buses. Premier Auto Solutions has been supplying armored vehicles to a variety of customers.

We have dedicated ourselves to use every means to remove the barriers of purchasing a premium auto. We always have our highly motivated and dedicated sales team ready for you when you are in need. Whatever the service may be, we are willing to offer you premium quality with our best input possible.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with easy techniques in order to full their automobile requirements with combining our valued auto buying expertise and our technology.


We at Premier Auto Solutions strongly believe that we are in business because of our customers and focusing on the Customer is our first and foremost priority. We certainly realize it is the after sales service that brings in repeat sales combined with the performance of the vehicle. Continuing the “Customer First” objective of, we at Premier Auto Solutions strive hard to meet the expectations of our customers. Our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians take care of the customer’s vehicles, assuring the customer that his vehicle is in very capable and dependable hands.

Our appointment system provides the customer an option to schedule an appointment which ensures minimum waiting times at service centers and faster turn-around times, improving the vehicle productivity. At Premier Auto Solutions, we understand that the vehicles need to be on the road and working and hence follow a proactive approach whereby the service centers remind the customers for due service of their vehicles and take bookings for service as per customer convenience.

Our engineers are trained to determine problems based on information and concerns reported by the drivers / customers and using technology and support, we are able to find the root cause and resolve the issues permanently.

We very strongly believe that our customers are our partners in progress and improving customer satisfaction is a journey of continuous improvement. However, this journey can be more satisfying if our partners / customers are happy and thus we are always willing to hear out your feedback and make necessary improvements.
Customer First, always!!!